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Glen Gibson - Dip. Counselling, MA Psychotherapy, Dip. Psychotherapy
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Aims & Benefits Of Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Aims & Benefits Of Therapy & Counselling

Benefits Of Therapy Counselling & psychotherapy benefits people, who in an open & honest way, want a deeper understanding of themselves, who are seeking a better place to be in.

Benefits Of Counselling - Impartial Support We are full of contradictions - our body, emotions, moods, thoughts or beliefs frequently change. In a complex and ever-changing world none of us have all the answers to all our struggles. We are complex beings, yet have simple needs. The world can be confusing, full of dilemmas, ambiguity, double-binds, paradox & risks (see also Changes & Transitions). It can be a challenge to tolerate frustration, difference, accept uncertainty and allow for the unknown & mystery in the world. We can't do everything on our own and at times can benefit from the impartial support of a counsellor or psychotherapist. The experience and aims of therapy can help enable us to be more accepting of who we are, others, and the constraints & limitations of the world.

Benefits Of Therapy - Managing Life's Transitions At some periods in our life we are in a transitional stage or reach turning points. Psychotherapy & counselling can assist people in managing their transitions. Therapy can also offer a space to allow for Iife's intangibles & existential concerns.

Benefits Of Psychotherapy - Being Heard & Understood For some people, knowing that they will be seeing a counsellor or psychotherapist on a regular basis can help relieve the sense of being on their own with their dilemmas. Sometimes simply talking to someone and being heard, understood or noticed can lift a weight off our shoulders and we may be more open, so we can manage things more easily.

Aims and benefits of counselling or psychotherapy in central London, Camden, London NW - impartial support

Benefits Of Counselling - A Place To Talk About Difficult Things Psychotherapy & counselling can help a person talk about thoughts that they may not have been able to acknowledge or express before, or address important matters they have put off.

Benefits Of Therapy - Feeling & Thinking Differently Some people benefit from counselling, simply because it can be a space to feeI their feeIings, be in touch with their emotions or think differently about themselves in the world. The counselling & psychotherapy can help us filter & manage our feeIings & thoughts, so we are more able to take charge of them.

Benefits Of Psychotherapy - Expressing or Containing Feelings The aims of psychotherapy can help enable people to manage unwanted feelings, without numbing them (e.g. through alcohol, overworking, overusing internet), avoiding them or acting them out. We may look at how freely you express or contain your feeIings, what happens and how things get in the way. This can bring a sense of release & relief.

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Freeing Ourself The counselling & psychotherapy is also about freeing ourself, moving away from what we don't want, towards what we do want. The therapy will look at how we also create our own situations by exploring the wisdom of our core beliefs, thinking patterns, assumptions & conclusions we draw, as well as the "domino effect" of such beliefs. It may be difficult to let go of what we hold on to, precious beliefs which no longer work. The therapy process may involve gaining a deeper understanding of who we are, so our impulses, responses and reactions are more in our control, without repressing or being overwhelmed by them. The therapy may consider the nature of our free will, how we can free it and any obstacles, stumbling blocks, reluctances, etc. along the way, e.g.:

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Benefits Of Therapy - Impact Of Our History Some problems may have started off small and have begun to snowball, having their origins in our history. Therefore counselling & psychotherapy provides the opportunity to revisit and address things, which we weren't emotionally mature enough to do as a child. We can't turn the clock back, but we can unpick the meanings & assumptions we have made so far, and discover whether they are still valid (see also Impact Of Our Past). A further aim of counselling & psychotherapy is to reflect upon the effect of "water that has flowed under your bridge" so far, and look at what this might mean for you now. Acknowledging that each of us is more than the influence of our history, we'll look at what works in your Iife, what doesn't and why some problems may continue.

Benefits Of Counselling - Releasing Old Patterns Counselling & psychotherapy considers what blocks us, the obstacles, reluctances in our life, those we are conscious of and others we are not (including our own fight, fight, freeze responses). We may look at what keeps you stuck or suffering, what you keep doing to yourself - your maintaining cycles. We may explore the dynamics of your own personality - your old patterns, habits or traits, how you re-create familiar situations. We may examine what's in your control, what's reactive, what's choice, e.g. "I felt this, and therefore I had to do that". With new insight you may understand who you are differently, and new meanings may emerge. (See also Releasing Ourselves & Letting Go)

Benefits Of Psychotherapy - Identifying & Increasing Inner Strengths & Resources The aims of counselling & psychotherapy are not only about being in touch with pain, misery and the upsetting things, so we can heal what we need to heal. A further aim of therapy can also help us to grow & develop. My aim is to help identify your strengths - your own resources & predispositions, flexibility and examine how they can be increased, used creatively & effectively. These, along with building our resilience, being in touch with our personal boundaries can support us in difficult times. Our growth may be to heal our past and current wounds, to take charge of our authentic life, achieving integrity & autonomy, acknowledging our interdependence, to respectfully relate with others acknowledging their difference, to be emotionally healthy, open to how we are feeling, being, creative, alongside our search for meaning, love, relationship with ourself & others, to experience our own sense of wholeness & completion.

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Benefits Of Psychotherapy - Your Wellbeing Counselling can help improve your wellbeing - how you look after yourself and others.

Benefits Of Psychotherapy - Integrating All Aspects Of Ourself The aims of therapy can help you integrate all aspects of your personality, including those which are intrinsic to you.

Benefits Of Counselling - Connected To Our Core Self A challenge for some of us may to be more authentic, being in our core self - calm & centred, less from our selfimage or being distracted by external influences. The therapy may assist us in developing & building this deeper sense of ourself - our own centre, aware & able to reflect, with the ability to make choices and act with intention. The counselling and psychotherapy can also be a place to discover the nature of our intentions.

Benefits Of Therapy - New Perspectives Some problems may never be overcome - we can't get rid of all difficulties, yet our attitude & relationship to them can change. As our feelings or outlooks change, we make different meanings, our problems seem to diminish, or may be approached & managed differently. We can also transform the way we see ourself & the world, as new perspectives emerge.

Benefits Of Counselling - Our Potential The aim of counselling is also to help us live our life to our full potential.

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