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Bullying Help - Counselling London

Find a counsellor - Counselling near me. What is bullying? Where can I learn about bullying? What is a bully? What is cyber bullying? How to stop bullying? How to stop the bullying? What are the effects of bullying, bullying effects? How to deal with bullying? What are the most common effect of bullying? How to deal with bullies? Is there a way to help with bullying? Please note that I use the words "cyber bullying" and "cyberbullying" ex-changeably. I also often refer to "verbal bullying", "emotional bullying". If you have a bullying problem or bullying issue, in order to stop bullying I offer "bullying counselling in London", "counselling Camden Town", "counselling Kings Cross", "bullying help", "bullying therapy" I am trained & accredited as a counsellor for bullying problems, psychotherapist & talking therapist for bullying issues and I am happy to discuss differences between the types of bullying therapy with you.

Help With Effects Of Bullying - Counselling London

Bullying Counselling London, Bullying Therapy London - deal bullying, stop bullying, bullying help, bullying problem, bullying issue, cyber bullying or cyberbullying, verbal bullying, emotional bullying

Effects Of Bullying Many of us felt bullied when younger (e.g. bullying at school, bullying at home, internet trolling), and we can still be suffering from the effects now, e.g. anxiety, panic attacks, depression, feeling like a victim. Sometimes the bullying doesn't go away when we are adults, it may just be more subtle. Despite it being a long time ago when we were bullied, the effects can live on now. Being bullied back then, we may have felt crushed, lonely, isolated, passive, angry, frustrated, losing our self in the process, become self-critical, self-loathing. On the receiving end of bullying we may have become socially awkward, detached or overly compensated by covering up how the bullying has affected us (maybe becoming a bit of a bully ourselves - even in our relationship). We may have felt humiliated, ashamed (see also Body Shaming) and procrastinate. Some of us may end up in small ways continuing to be intimidated by others, struggle to assert ourselves. The ripple effects of bullying may live on in us now.

Nobody can hurt me without my permission. Mahatma Gandhi
Bullying Counselling in London and Bullying Therapy in London - deal with bullying, stop bullying, bullying help, bullying problem, bullying issue, verbal bullying or emotional bullying

Bullying, Being Bullied We may have a bullying issue, bullying problem. And whether or not we are being bullied, being the bully, it can throw a long shadow over us.

Bullying Help - Counselling London Bullying can be in may forms, including cyber bullying, verbal bullying, emotional bullying, etc. We may be on a receiving end of the emotional abuse or be the person being emotionally abusive (see also Drama Triangle of Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor). In our relationship we may be on the receiving end of some form of abuse: mental, physical, emotional, psychological, verbal, financial. Dealing with bullying, how to stop the bullying may be a concern for us, as may no longer being a hostage to our past, checking any limiting beliefs we hold on to now, including the voice of our inner critic, being resilient, having coping resources, awareness of our body language, making sense of it all and we may now be seeking bullying counselling or bullying therapy.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.
Harvey Fierstein

Specific Questions About Counselling For Bullying Bullying can come in many forms, cyber-bullying, verbal bullying, emotional bullying.

  • Cyberbullying - I am on the receiving end of cyberbullying - what can I do about it?
  • How to stop bullying? How to deal with bullies?
  • What is bullying counselling, bullying therapy?
  • The effect of bullying is getting to me - how can I get bullying help?
  • I'm on the receiving end of verbal bullying - what can I do?
  • Emotional bullying has become the norm with my partner - how can I respond?
  • Bullying problem - what can I do with the bullying issue I have?

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