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Central London, Camden, Kings Cross, London NW1
Glen Gibson - Dip. Counselling, MA Psychotherapy, Dip. Psychotherapy
UKCP & mBACP Accredited male Therapist, Counsellor & Psychotherapist 020 7916 1342

Dyslexia Support, Dyspraxia Support

Google by Glen Counselling. What is dyslexia? What does it mean to be dyslexic? Where to find dyslexia test? What are the most common dyslexia symptoms? What are main symptoms of dyslexia? Can counselling provide dyslexia help for adult dyslexia? Is there a therapy which can help with dyslexia or help for dyslexia? How to help dyslexia? How to find dyslexia support for dyslexia in adults? How dyslexic people can get support for dyslexia? What are signs of dyslexia? What is dyslexia with numbers? Am I dyslexic? How to tell if I am dyslexic? What is maths dyslexia? Can counselling offer dyslexia treatment? Can dyslexia therapy help me with being dyslexic? Do I have dyslexia? How to tell if I have dyslexia problem? Can counselling or psychotherapy offer dyslexia help for adults? How to cope with mild dyslexia? What treatment can help with dyslexia for adults? What is numerical dyslexia? Where can I get adult dyslexia help? Can counselling help me with dealing with dyslexia, coping with dyslexia? What is verbal dyslexia? How to deal with dyslexia? Is there dyslexia counselling or counselling for dyslexia? Please note that I use the words "dyslexia counselling services london", "counselling for dyslexia in London", "dyslexia psychotherapy London", "counselling Camden Town", "counselling Kings Cross", "dyslexia therapy in London" & "talking therapy for dyslexia" and also "counsellor for dyslexic people", "dyslexia support" and "dyslexia help" & "talking therapist for dyslexia" interchangeably. I am trained & accredited as a counsellor, psychotherapist & talking therapist and I am happy to discuss their differences with you.
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Dyspraxia & Dyslexia Counselling London, Camden, Kings Cross, dyslexia help, dyslexia support, dyslexia in adults
Counselling For Dyslexia, Dyspraxia

Counselling for Dyslexia, Dyslexia Help, Dyslexia Counselling
Adult Dyslexia Support, Dyslexia Counselling

Dyslexia Counselling London, Camden, Kings Cross - dyslexia treatment or dyslexia therapy, dyslexia problem, dealing with dyslexia, coping with dyslexia

Dyslexia Help Struggling to process certain information, we may have problems connecting things up, remembering what we need to remember (we may have a memory like a sieve), organising things, communicating our ideas, feelings. We may have specific dyslexia problems with literacy, numbers, absorbing, processing or recalling information, have a short attention span. Our mind may go blank (and we may have a tendency to daydream) - the way we link things up may be different. Being in control may be important for us.

Counselling for Dyslexia in London, Camden - dyslexia help and dyslexia support for signs of dyslexia

Associated Dyslexia Problems Dyslexia can be experienced in different forms, affecting our sense of self, thoughts and beliefs about ourself and the world. The extra compensatory efforts we make can be exhausting at times. Compounded by our triggers or hooks, anxious inside, we may struggle to relax. We can feel more pressurised, especially if we believe we have to always prove ourself. Managing our time, completing things & procrastination may be associated worries. We may believe we are not good enough affecting our intrinsic self worth, our esteem may plummet, we may lack confidence and we may feel inhibited, depressed at times, unmotivated, struggling to trust or accept and manage change, because it may threaten our sense safety. We may have become rigid or inflexible, habitually trying to find the easiest path, tending to stick to familiar routines. When there is no familiarity, order or patterns, or things are disorganised, we may struggle to engage with certain things. We may find it hard to link things - so we may struggle to build a picture, make sense of things.

dyslexia treatment, dyslexia therapy, dyslexia problem, verbal dyslexia, coping with dyslexia, managing dyslexia

Dyslexia Counselling in London, Camden, maths dyslexia, dyslexia treatment, dyslexia therapy, dyslexia problem, mild dyslexia, numerical dyslexia, dealing with dyslexia, coping with dyslexia, verbal dyslexia, deal with dyslexia, dyslexia counselling

Dyslexia - What May Be Happening Inside There can still be a stigma attached to dyslexia and we may have learnt to cover it up, hide it, sometimes without even knowing this (as if not wanting to be "found out"). Managing other people's responses to our dyslexia can be a further challenge. With dyslexia, things can seem disordered, not make sense at times (as if the pathways in our brain are different). We may have good days, bad days, struggle to find the right words at times. Out of kilter at times, engaged, disengaged, we may feel different to others, inadequate, maybe ashamed at times. And the way we think, learn, our train of thoughts, may be different. With certain tasks, that others seem to find simple or routine, we may become easily overwhelmed or confused (compounded by simultaneous thinking), struggle to concentrate which in turn makes us feel anxious. In order to compensate for our dyslexia, we may (often unconsciously) have found mechanisms for skirting around things, work doubly hard or check up on things. In our dyslexic world, we may feel lost or stuck inside. Making sense & meaning of things, having some sense of order can bring about emotional relief. Coming to terms with adult dyslexia (and any frustrations, anger we feel), we may also need to learn dyslexia coping strategies and proactively take care of our own needs.

London Psychotherapy for Dyslexia, Dyslexia Counselling in London, Camden - what is dyslexia, dyslexic, dyslexia symptoms, dyslexia help, adult dyslexia, dyslexia support, dyslexia in adults, dyslexic people, signs of dyslexia, dyslexia with numbers

Dyslexia Support, Dyspraxia Support Symptoms of dyslexia in adults vary from person to person, as indicated by a dyslexia test. How we best respond to our dyslexia is very individual. Experiences, memories of past struggles, traumas, wounds (being seen as lazy - even by ourself, are common) may still affect us now. If we are dyslexic, traditional teaching & learning methods may not always help us. With dyslexia, knowing our individual learning style may help. Some of us may favour an auditory way of learning, others a visual or kinaesthetic (active learning, doing, touching, practising things & moving our body). By now we may be seeking dyslexia help, dyslexia support or emotional support for dyslexia.

dyslexia with numbers, maths dyslexia, numerical dyslexia counselling and psychotherapy in Kings Cross, Camden, London

Dyslexia Counselling in London - Psychotherapy for Dyslexia in Camden - dyslexia help, dyslexia support, signs of dyslexia

Taking Charge In Our Dyslexia Dyslexia therapy is different to dyslexia treatment. The dyslexia therapy offers psychological and emotional support for dyslexia, ways of managing dyslexia, our stress, fears, anxiety, panics, any disorganisation, as well as exploring other possible ways and strategies of coping with dyslexia, thriving - in spite of our dyslexia, so we don't necessarily have to swim against the tide. Dyslexia counselling & dyslexia therapy can offer individual dyslexia support, so we can harness our resources, the way we think and our imaginative, creative responses. Having some clarity and a structure which works for us may be important. The dyslexia counselling may therefore look at what structures we can put in place that specifically work for us, what helps, what doesn't, what we may need to let go of, change, take risks with. Our boundaries can also support us in adapting to & proactively managing our dyslexia and the dyslexia counselling takes this into consideration.

Mild dyslexia, dealing with dyslexia in adults, coping with dyslexia, adult dyslexia counselling

Counselling for Dyspraxia, Dyspraxia Help, Dyspraxia Counselling
Adult Dyspraxia Support, Dyspraxia Counselling

Questions About Dyslexia Counselling We may have certain questions about counselling for dyslexia:

  • What is dyslexia?
  • How to overcome dyslexia problems?
  • I have dyslexia with numbers, a math dyslexia, numerical dyslexia, verbal dyslexia - what can I do?
  • How to cope with dyslexia?
  • What is the treatment for dyslexia?
  • Is there a dyslexia treatment?
  • Dyslexia help - can I get help for dyslexia?
  • How can I get help for dyslexia problems?
  • What is dyslexia support?
  • Can I get support for dyslexia?
  • What dyslexia therapy is available
  • Can counselling for dyslexia help?
  • What is dyslexia therapy?

dyslexic, help for dyslexia symptoms, dyslexia support for dyslexia in adults, signs of dyslexia in dyslexic people

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