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Central London, Camden, Kings Cross, London NW1
Glen Gibson - Dip. Counselling, MA Psychotherapy, Dip. Psychotherapy
UKCP & mBACP Accredited Male Addiction Counsellor & Psychotherapist 020 7916 1342

Unwanted Habits & Addictions

Google by Glen Counselling. Find a counsellor - Counselling near me. What is alcoholism? Do I have problem with alcohol? What are alcoholism symptoms? What are signs of alcoholism? How alcoholics anonymous can help alcoholics? Does alcohol abuse always lead to alcoholism? What treatment for alcohol or alcohol treatment is available? How can I get treatment of alcohol? What is binge drinking? Can alcoholic anonymous help with binge drinking and other problems with alcohol? What are common alcohol problems? What is alcohol addiction? How can I stop drinking, how to stop drinking? When the addiction to alcohol begins? Can alcohol counselling help with alcohol dependence? IS alcohol therapy a good treatment for alcoholism? What other forms of alcoholism treatment or alcohol help are available? Do I need help with alcohol? What is alcohol dependency? When alcohol problem starts? What is the best treatment for alcohol addiction? Can alcoholism counselling offer alcohol addiction treatment for drinking problems? What is the best treatment of alcohol addiction and drinking problem? How to recognise alcohol addicts? What is alcohol misuse? Can counselling provide alcoholic help? How to help an alcoholic? What is problem drinking? What is most common treatment for alcohol abuse? How to stop drinking alcohol? Can counselling or psychotherapy offer help for alcoholics? How to stop drinking alcohol? What are symptoms of alcoholism, alcoholism symptoms? What is best alcohol abuse treatment? How can I stop drinking alcohol? What are the best forms of treatment for alcoholics? Can counselling provide alcoholics help? What if I have problems with drinking alcohol? What treatment of alcohol abuse is available? How to give up alcohol? Can counselling or psychotherapy offer help for alcoholism or help with alcoholism? What therapy can provide alcoholism help? Hope to cope with giving up alcohol? What is alcohol counselling or alcohol counseling? Is alcohol counselling good as treatments for alcoholism? Ho to cope with excessive drinking? Am I an alcoholic? Is alcohol binge drinking a problem? How to give up drinking alcohol? What are signs of alcoholism? Can alcohol counselling offer alcohol dependence treatment or treatment for alcohol dependence? Who is alcohol counsellor and can alcohol counsellor offer ways to stop drinking alcohol? What are alcohol addictions and alcohol addiction symptoms? What therapy can offer alcohol addiction help or help for alcohol addiction? What are alcohol dependence symptoms or symptoms of alcohol addiction? How to tell if I'm addicted to alcohol, alcohol dependent? How to recognise an alcohol addict? What are commonly available treatments for alcohol addiction? How to start dealing with alcoholics, drinking addiction, alcohol dependency and start treating alcoholism? How to stop binge drinking? I want to stop drinking alcohol. How to stop binge drinking? Can counselling help to stop drinking alcohol? What are serious binge drinking problems? Is binge drinking alcoholism? How to get binge drinking help? How to approach counselling for alcoholics? How to stop drinking alcohol on your own? Is counselling for alcoholism or alcoholism counselling available? Can alcohol counselling or alcohol therapy help overcoming alcohol addiction? Please note that I use the words "alcohol treatment", "alcoholism treatment", "alcohol help", "alcohol addiction treatment", "alcoholic help", "alcohol abuse treatment", "treatment for alcoholics", "alcoholics help", "treatment of alcohol abuse", "help for alcoholism", "alcoholism help", "alcohol counselling London", "treatments for alcoholism", "alcohol dependence treatment", "alcohol counsellor London", "alcohol addiction help", "help for alcohol addiction", "treatments for alcohol addiction", "binge drinking help", "London counselling for alcoholics", "counselling in Camden Town", "counselling in Kings Cross", "London counselling for alcoholism", "alcoholism counselling in London" interchangeably. I am trained & accredited as an alcohol addiction counsellor, alcohol counsellor & alcohol therapist to help alcoholics, people addicted to alcohol & alcohol addicts with their drinking addiction and I am happy to discuss differences between those therapies with you.
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Alcohol Counselling London, Alcoholism Treatment, Alcohol Addiction, Alcoholics, Alcohol Dependency, Alcohol Treatment, Alcoholism Therapy London
Binge Drinking, Alcohol Problem, Alcoholism & Alcohol Addiction

Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy for Addicts in Central London - alcoholism counselling in London & alcohol treatment, alcohol abuse, binge drinking, alcohol problems, alcohol addiction, alcohol dependence, alcohol dependency, alcohol problem

From Drinking Moderation To Escalation Initially we may drink alcohol moderately, as a reward, way of unwinding, relaxing, to relieve pressure, change our mood, the way we feel - maybe not liking ourself. Things may build up inside and we have used alcohol to mask these. What started off as being enjoyable, having a positive effect, may have become out of balance, detrimental, as we become more of a heavy drinker. We may have get caught in something we find hard to manage and turn to our familiar "comfort", so drinking alcohol gives us a structure to fall back on, becomes a crutch or a sedative to dull everything, get us off to sleep or be sexual. At some level we may get on with our life, yet we may feel scared inside, lacking our own structure, which may also point to an unhelpful relationship style. We may want to stop drinking, yet we let the lure of alcohol to take over. Our drinking routine may have begun to take priority over other activities. Used to blocking things out and turning to alcohol for some time now, we might as well continue drinking, "what the hell" - may be what we tell ourselves. By now we may have an alcohol problem, alcohol addiction, which we struggle to acknowledge. A part of us may deny we have any alcohol problems, yet another part, wanting to change our life, may now be seeking alcohol treatment, alcohol counselling.

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Alcohol Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy for Alcohol Addicts in Central London, Camden, Kings Cross - alcoholism counselling, alcohol abuse, binge drinking, alcohol problem, alcohol addiction, Author: Meg Wills, Title: 196 - I tried to keep it bottled up

Our level of drinking alcohol may be social, sporadic (binge drinking), heavy at times, problematic or too dependent. Our alcohol dependence now gives us a strong desire for alcohol, as we spend a lot of our time wherever we can where alcohol is available. It is as if we have to follow our urges, as our thinking and concentration becomes distorted and we shut things out. Getting slowly or blind drunk may have increased. Disconnected, we may have neglected other needs, pleasures, interests and relationships with those close to us, including our partner. "I can cope, or stop anytime I want to" may be our mantra. We may also experience loneliness, loss, anxiety depression and low self-esteem, as our moods rise and fall. Anger may play a role. Bypassing our conscious choices, we may have become slowly addicted to alcohol and now seek alcohol treatment, alcohol counselling.

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Alcoholism, Alcohol Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy for Alcohol Addicts in Central London, Camden, Kings Cross - binge drinking, alcohol dependency, alcohol problem

Effects Of Drinking Alcohol Alcohol problems affect all of us, no matter what our education, profession or class. Over time we may have developed a physical or psychological dependence on alcohol, struggling to control our alcohol consumption. Apart from the range of health and physical effects, our level of drinking may also affect our work and relationships as the quality of our life declines. Sexual problems may also increase. We may slowly become isolated from our family and friends, and become increasingly lonely - even in the company of others. Conflict with those close to us may escalate and we may deny that the impact of our drinking affects other struggles we now have. We may also have financial difficulties or suffer the legal consequences of our drinking, e.g. drink driving. Alienated inside, we may also experience the world as alienating. As our levels of drinking increase, so too does the risk to our health and safety. We may have become permanently tired, forgetful, put off things, or not complete them. Alcoholics - we will never be one of them, so we may battle inside between not needing any alcoholism treatment, yet also realise help with our alcohol problem is exactly what we need.

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Alcoholism, Alcohol Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy for Alcohol Addicts in Central London - alcoholism counselling in London & alcohol treatment, binge drinking, alcohol addiction, alcohol dependency, alcohol problem

We may now be in trouble with our drinking, whatever label we give to it: alcoholics, binge drinking, drinking problem, alcohol concern, alcohol problems, alcohol dependency, alcohol compulsion, drinking addiction, alcohol addiction, alcoholism. We may consistently hide, and often forget, what we do. We may begin to use alcohol as our "treat" (despite another voice inside saying "No"), an outlet for other difficulties we struggle to face. In despair, hungry inside we may turn to drink to try and fill this emptiness or anguish. A feeling builds up that we have to drink, and a red mist can come upon us. "Whatever I'm doing, wherever I'm going, where can I get a drink" may be our preoccupation. Becoming a shadow of who we were, our very identity can become interlinked with our drinking, as if we become attached to it and can't let go. Guilt, shame and self-hatred may be our companions. Our need for a drink may stop us taking care of our other needs, as if nothing else, no consequences really matter any more, as darkness may come over us. We may want to wake up and feel OK again, yet underlying feelings, e.g. our loss or grief, may be in the background. Despite previous promises to stop drinking, our problems with alcohol may have accelerated as a way of managing our pain. Hitting a wall and passing through it, we may be drinking ourselves towards oblivion, questioning how to stop drinking, seeking alcohol treatment, alcohol counselling.

Nothing is so bad that a few drinks can't make it worse. Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholism, Alcohol Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy for Alcohol Addicts in Central London - alcoholism counselling in London & alcohol treatment, binge drinking, alcohol addiction, alcohol dependency, alcohol problem

Alcohol Dependency Counselling Alcohol may have a vice-like grip on us and we may be seeking alcohol counselling, whether of not we are addicted to alcohol or have an alcohol dependency. Each person's story is unique as is their road to a recovery in stopping or moderating drinking alongside overcoming underlying issues. Some of us will need to learn to cut down through mindful drinking (drink response-ability). Others to stop drinking entirely (alcohol abstinence). Either way we need to manage our triggers, no longer allow alcohol to dominate our life and alongside alcohol-free days, have plans, concrete, clear rules if, how, when we drink. We also need strategies for socialising differently, turning our life around. (See also Overcoming An Addiction)

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Alcohol Treatment, Alcohol Counselling Questions Regarding our problems with alcohol and wanting to stop drinking, alcohol misuse, alcohol addiction we may wonder what alcohol help is out there, and have numerous questions about our problem drinking.

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  • Symptoms of alcoholism - what are alcoholism symptoms? What are the signs of alcoholism?
  • How to give up alcohol - how can I stop drinking alcohol? Is giving up alcohol possible? If so, how to give up drinking alcohol? How to stop drinking alcohol?
  • Treatment for alcoholism, treating alcoholism - what is the recommended treatment for alcoholics?
  • Help with alcoholism - what alcoholism help is available? How successful is help for alcoholism?
  • Alcohol counselling, counselling for alcoholism - what is alcohol counseling? What does an alcohol counsellor do? Is counselling for alcoholics available individually or for groups?

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