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Central London, Camden, Kings Cross, London NW1
Glen Gibson - Dip. Counselling, MA Psychotherapy, Dip. Psychotherapy
UKCP & mBACP Accredited Male Addiction Counsellor & Psychotherapist 020 7916 1342

Unwanted Habits & Addictions Counselling London

Find a counsellor - Counselling near me. Can addictions counselling or addiction therapy help with exercise addiction or addiction to exercise? Who are exercise addicts? What is fitness addiction or running addiction? Who are fitness addicts? Can addiction counselling offer help those addicted to exercise? How to tell if my fitness regime is a compulsive exercise? Am I an exercise addict? What is gym addiction? How to spot gym addicts? How to tell if people are running addicts? What is exercise dependency? Is addiction gym possible to cure? What exercise counselling can offer? Am I a fitness addict? What to do if I'm addicted to running? Where compulsive exercising start? Am I addicted to gym? How to cope with obsessive exercise? Am I addicted to the gym? Am I a gym addict or running addict? What therapy can help if I am addicted to fitness? Can addiction therapy help with gym obsession or running obsession? What is fitness obsession? How not to get addicted to exercise? What is exercise obsession? What are exercise addiction symptoms? What is workout addiction? Can addiction counselling or addiction therapy help with compulsive running or exercising addiction? How to cope with addicted to exercising? How can I cure my obsessive running? What is best exercise addiction treatment? How to deal with workout addicts? What is the best available treatment for exercise addiction? How to get exercise addiction help? Please note that I use the words "therapy for exercise addiction in London", "exercise addiction therapy in London", "counseling for exercise addiction in London", "exercise addiction counseling in London", "counselling for exercise addiction in London", "exercise addiction counselling in London", "London counselling for exercise addiction", "therapy for fitness addiction in London", "fitness addiction therapy in London", "counseling for fitness addiction in London", "counselling in Camden Town", "counselling in Kings Cross", "fitness addiction counseling in London", "counselling for fitness addiction in London", "fitness addiction counselling in London", "London counselling for fitness addiction", "counsellor for running addiction in central London", "running addiction counsellor in central London", "counselor for gym addiction in central London", "gym addiction counselor in central London", "therapist for compulsive exercise in central London", "compulsive exercise therapist in central London", "psychotherapy for excessive exercise in London", "excessive exercise psychotherapy in London", "psychotherapist for compulsive exercising in central London, "compulsive exercising psychotherapist in central London", interchangeably. I am trained & accredited as an exercise addiction counsellor, psychotherapist & therapist to help fitness addicts with their addiction to exercise and I am happy to discuss differences between those therapies with you.

Exercise Addiction: Fitness Addiction, Running Addiction, Gym Addiction Counselling London

Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy for Addicts in Central London - exercise addiction counselling in London, addiction to exercise, exercise addicts, fitness addiction, running addiction, fitness addicts, addicted to exercise, compulsive exercise, exercise addict, gym addiction, gym addicts

Addiction To Exercise We all know it's healthy to exercise. Exercise is an enjoyable way to increase our energy, relieve stress and promote wellness. It can be a release. Exercise can give us a "high", peak experiences, as we generate endorphins and we can be addicted to endorphins. Counselling can explore this further with us. Our motivation for exercise may also include a desire to control our weight or body shape. Some of us may have become fixated on burning calories or losing weight, addicted to the gym or addicted to fitness in general. Obsessive exercise (fitness obsession, gym obsession, running obsession, exercise obsession) may have taken its hold. It can be as if we have developed an exercise addiction, adhering to a strict, rigid fitness schedule. In the habit of compulsive exercise, compulsive running we may be unable to stop, as if our urge to exercise must always prevail, even if we are unwell or injured. With our "exercise addiction", even if we are in pain, we will try to exercise through this, often against the medical advice because it is our priority. Used to our familiar exercise regime, we may struggle to replace it with anything else, and promise to cut down exercising another time. With our "fitness addiction" (exercise addiction, running addiction, gym addiction), we may prefer to work out alone (even avoiding gym staff or personal trainers), always having to exercise daily for at least a few hours. Addicted to exercise, our relationships, partner, work, responsibilities and obligations, other areas of our life may be put on a back burner or neglected. Some may feel depressed and develop low esteem or repress our anger. Grief and loss may underpin our feelings. In our own world, however much we exercise, it is not enough and we may have become too dependent on exercise. Ironically too much exercise can lead to stress. We may be addicted to running, addicted to gym or addicted to fitness, which can be viewed as a form of self-harm. In our need to continuously exercise, other personal needs may have been overlooked. Freeing our life up may be important. We may have blocked out, shut down uncomfortable feelings, thoughts. Focusing on our body, exercise, we may feel disconnected, unbalanced, from other aspects of us - our feelings, thoughts, sexuality, spirituality. Exercise addiction treatment can be offered to help overcome our fitness addiction, running addiction, gym addiction, exercise addiction. We may also have an eating disorder, like bulimia, which may need to be treated.

Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy for Addicts in Central London - running addicts, exercise dependency, addiction gym, exercise counselling, fitness addict, addicted to running, compulsive exercising, addicted to gym, obsessive exercise

Exercise Addiction - Body Types Certain sports require certain body types, like gymnastics, dancing, ice skating, or being a jockey. Some of us may over exercise, take too much exercise or not take enough rest between exercise and recovery. We may struggle to regain the energy we have spent, making space for recovery, so we feel consistently energised. The addiction counselling and psychotherapy can discuss this in our work together.

Exercise Addiction - Sports Injuries Excessive exercise might not always be good for us. We may have developed niggling injuries, which become more serious and painful, or never quite heal. We may have injuries in our ligaments, tendons, bones and joints, or get stress fractures. We may turn to addiction counselling to help overcome being addicted to exercise.

Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy Questions Wanting to control the amount we exercise, we may wonder if we are addicted to exercise, an exercise addict, and have questions about our fitness addiction, running addiction, gym addiction, e.g.:

  • Compulsive exercise - I compulsively exercise (compulsive running) and wonder if this is turning into and exercise addiction?
  • Obsessive exercise - I have a fitness obsession, gym obsession, running obsession, am I an exercise addict?
  • Exercise addicts - is addiction to exercise possible? I wonder if I need exercise addiction help? If I am addicted to exercise, what are exercise addiction symptoms? Can an exercise addiction be overcome? If so what is the treatment for exercise addiction?
  • Fitness addicts - am I an exercise addict (running addict), fitness addict (gym addict)?

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