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Glen Gibson - Dip. Counselling, MA Psychotherapy, Dip. Psychotherapy
UKCP & mBACP Accredited Male Addiction Counsellor & Psychotherapist 020 7916 1342

Unwanted Habits & Addictions Counselling London

Find a counsellor - Counselling near me. What is gambling addiction, addiction to gambling? Can gambling counselling offer help for gambling addicts? What are common gambling addictions? Can gambling addiction counselling offer gambling help for gambling problem? How to stop gambling? Can addiction or gambling counselling help with gamblers addiction or gambling problems? Is there a gambling addiction help for gambling addict with gambling addiction problem? Can addiction therapy help for gambling addiction? How to find gambling therapy? How to tell if I am addicted to gambling? Which addiction treatment can offer gamblers help? What is the best gambling treatment for gamblers problem or compulsive gambling? What is the best gambling addiction support? Am I a compulsive gambler? Do I suffer from online gambling addiction? Can addiction therapy help addicted gamblers or compulsive gamblers? What is gambling counselling? Can gambling counselling offer gambler help or gamblers treatment? Can gamblers therapy provide gambling addiction treatment or treatment for gambling addiction? What is gamblers therapy? Is gamblers therapy the same as gambling addiction therapy or gamblers addiction treatment? What is the difference between gambling counselling and gamblers counselling? What is the most common gambler problem? How to stop gambling addiction? What are the signs of gambling addiction? Am I addicted to gambling? What is gambling addiction counselling or gambling addictions treatment? How to cure gambling addiction? How to find counselling for gambling addiction or gambler addiction? Can addiction counselling help gambler addicts addicted to online gambling? How to cope with internet gambling addiction? What addiction therapy can offer gambling addict help? How to beat gambling addiction? How to help a gambling addict? Can addiction counselling help if I'm addicted to gambling? How to find online gambling addiction help - addicted to gambling help? Can addiction counselling help dealing with gambling addiction or gambling dependency? How to overcome gambling addiction? Am I addicted gambler? Can addiction therapy help with overcoming gambling addiction? What is obsessive gambling? Is there any compulsive gambling treatment for compulsive gambling problem? Can addiction counselling help beating gambling addiction? How to find compulsive gambling help? How to quit gambling addiction? Please note that I use the words "therapy for gambling addiction in London", "gambling help", "gambling problem", "online gambling addiction therapy in London", "counseling for gambling addiction in London", "compulsive gambling addiction counseling in London", "counselling for addiction to gambling in London", "compulsive gambling addiction counselling in London", "London counselling for addiction", "counsellor for gambling addiction in central London", "on-line gambling addiction counsellor in central London", "counselor for gambling addicts in central London", "counselling in Camden Town", "counselling in Kings Cross", "online gambling addicts counselor in central London", "therapist for online gambling addiction in central London", "on-line gambling addiction therapist in central London", "psychotherapy for poker addiction in London", "online poker addiction psychotherapy in London", "psychotherapist for betting addiction in central London, "online betting addiction psychotherapist in central London", interchangeably. I am trained & accredited as an gambling addiction counsellor, psychotherapist & therapist to help addicts with their addictions and I am happy to discuss differences between those therapies with you.

Gambling Problems, Compulsive Gambling, Online Gambling Addiction

Online Gambling Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy for Gambling Addicts in Central London - gambling counselling, gamblers counselling, gambling addiction help, gambling addiction problem, gambling help, gambling problem, gamblers addiction, gambling addict

Seeking Reward Gambling can for some be a way of unwinding. The fun or thrill of gambling can be exciting, especially the rush of anticipation - it can give us an addictive buzz (adrenaline rush), helping us escape from things. It can be our way to forget about other things, as we may turn to gambling. We may now become too dependent on it, have tried to cut back or stop gambling but have been unsuccessful. The rare highs can be high and lows very low, leading do despair, loathing, maybe guilt, shame. Yet we may now have a gambling problem, using it as an outlet for other problems we struggle to face. When we gamble, it can be as if our mind goes blank. We may go into a sort of fantasy world. We may also end up procrastinating. Empty inside, lonely and alienated, gambling may be the main thing we think about and what we want to do, whatever the consequences. We may find ways to gamble, whether we are flush or broke, depressed, or happy, or simply because we can. Other gambling triggers may be our stress, anxiety, fear, sense of boredom, loneliness or a need to overcome our shyness. We just can't stay off it. A part of us may be addicted to winning, yet another part addicted to losing (see also Magical Beliefs). Powerless inside we may be seeking the power to beat the system. Counselling for gambling can look at alternative ways in responding to our uncomfortable and difficult feelings, which we may rather shut down, block off. Finding it difficult to stop gambling, wondering if we have an addiction to gambling, we may now be seeking gambling help, gambling therapy. Some may also be out of control in their trading.

You never forget your first taste of magic.

Online Gambling Addiction, Internet Gambling Addiction Freeing in some ways, because there is no one else around us, the pitfalls of becoming hooked on 24/7 internet gambling may increase because there are no managers, staff, friends looking over us, ensuring we are OK, setting us limits. Nobody is telling us to stop. Addicted to online gambling, there is a vast range of online betting websites, online casinos, online poker, etc, which we can become hooked into. We may have neglected us and our relationship. By now we may be seeking online gambling addiction help through gambling counselling, gambling therapy.

Our gambling (or computer gaming) - often viewed as a behavioural addiction, may be hurting and disrupting not only us, but others. Not just our finances but also our relationships and friendships may deteriorate. When addictively gambling, our perception of reality may become distorted. Disconnected, things may be out of balance. People may be worried about us, but we deny we have a gambling problem. Yet somewhere inside we are concerned, which can be usurped by our overpowering, impulsive urge to gamble again. We may struggle to allow our urges to pass or do something else with them. We then become preoccupied thinking about gambling, needing to relieve our tension by gambling further. Our compulsive gambling may have become out of control. By now we prioritise our gambling over other important things, and we may be unable to hide what we do from others. We may have started to withdraw from others, be less straight forward or lie about what we have been doing. We may have preferred to gamble than be involved in other social activities. In our incessant need to gamble, our other important needs can get ignored. We may be spending large amounts of time gambling, increasing our bets, growing our debts. We may become hooked on chasing our losses and gamble again after we win. As if wanting something for nothing, we may dream of that one big win that will solve our financial and other problems. We may make frequent promises to stop gambling and it can be as if we exclusively, blindly put all the hope and longing we have put into our gambling. In despair or deep grief at times, we may now be seeking help for gambling addiction, gambling addiction support, treatment for gambling addiction, so our life can be freer.

Gambling Counselling, Gambling Therapy Questions We may have questions about compulsive gamblers, whether we are addicted to gambling, gamblers treatments, gamblers therapy, gamblers counselling, e.g.:

  • Gambling problems - I think I have a gambling addiction problem (compulsive gambling problem), how does a gamblers problem turn into a gambling addiction? How can my gambler problem, gambler addiction be eradicated?
  • Compulsive gamblers - compulsive gambling is a pattern for me, what compulsive gambling treatment is available? How effective is compulsive gambling help for a compulsive gambler?
  • Obsessive gambling, gambling dependency - I believe I have addiction to gambling, what gambling addiction support is available? How can gambling counselling or gambling addiction therapy help?
  • Addicted gamblers - am I addicted to gambling? If so, what is the gambling treatment for an addicted gambler?
  • Gambling addicts, gambling addictions - what is a gambling addict?
  • Gamblers help, gambling addict help - how to help a gambling addict? What gambling help is available? Is gambling addiction help effective? What help for gambling addiction is available?
  • Stop gambling addiction - how to stop gambling addiction? How is it possible to stop gambling?
  • Gamblers addiction - how effective is gamblers treatment, gamblers therapy, gamblers counselling? Does gamblers addiction treatment vary?
  • Compulsive gambling treatment, gambling addictions treatment - What is gambling addiction treatment and how effective is treatment for gambling addiction?
  • Overcoming gambling addiction - how to overcome gambling addiction?
  • Dealing with gambling addiction - what are the signs of gambling addiction? How to quit gambling addiction? How to beat gambling addiction? How to cure gambling addiction?
  • Counselling for gambling addiction - am I addicted to gambling and what is gambling addiction counselling?
  • Gambling therapy, gambling counselling - is there a difference between gambling therapy and gambling counselling?

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FAQs about the gambling problem, gambling addiction Counselling London practice based in Kings Cross, Camden:

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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of offering online counselling, Skype counselling or in-person counselling in London, Camden, Kings Cross
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  • How do I contact a counsellor in London, Camden, or near Kings Cross?
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  • What to expect from the other gambling problem, gambling addiction counselling London sessions?
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