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Google by Glen Counselling. Find a counsellor - Counselling near me. What is technology addiction? Am I a technology addict? How to tell if I am addicted to technology? Am I addicted to technology? How to tell if I'm dependant on technology? What is gadget addiction counselling? Please note that I use the words "therapy for technology addiction in London", "technology addiction therapy in London", "counseling for technology addiction in London", "counselling Camden Town", "counselling Kings Cross", "technology addiction counseling in London", "counselling for technology addiction in London", "technology addiction counselling in London", "London counselling for technology addiction". I am trained & accredited as a technology addiction counsellor, psychotherapist & therapist to help technology addicts with their technology addictions and I am happy to discuss differences between those therapies with you.

Technology Addiction Counselling in London, Technology Addiction Psychotherapy, Treatment for Technology Addiction, Gadget Addiction
Technology Addiction & Gadget Addiction Counselling

Technology Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy for Technology Addicts in Central London - technology addiction, technology addicts, addicted to technology, help, treatment, therapy, gadget addiction counselling

Switching On, Switching Off The technology we use makes life easier, can be efficient and enjoyable. However we may constantly need to be electronically connected, maybe have the TV, computer on, be online. Switched on electronically, some of us may be in the habit of constantly sending or checking text messages, emails, using blogs, social networking websites. Yet living a digital life as if we are always plugged into something, we may have switched off other areas of our life, ourself, others. We may also struggle with work-life balance. Others may also be addicted to games, continuously play music, convincing ourselves that our multitasking makes us efficient, yet we may be bored inside, hop scotching by simply switching tasks as our mind flips from one distraction to another, which may be linked to our anxiety, struggling to be at ease with our own company, having downtime. With all this technology at our fingertip we can still feel alone, isolated, maybe missing emotional connection with our partner or ourself. Tuning into everything, we may have become out of tune with ourself and others, as if we too have become machine-like, switched on to our devices, yet feel switched off inside, as our attention span dwindles. Surrounding ourselves with all this technology, we may have become preoccupied by it, as if we have developed an "addiction to technology", "addiction to gadgets" with an inflexible relating state. We may have numbed our feelings. We may also be affected by a lack of physical connection, relating face to face with others, exploring our interests, being in touch with nature. Creating space and quiet time, taking pauses, may be challenging yet supportive for us. Counselling and psychotherapy can offer technology addiction, gadget addiction help.

Gadget Addiction, Technology Addiction Questions:

  • Is there such a thing as gadget addiction, technology addiction?
  • Is there a cure for gadget addiction, technology addiction?

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