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Glen Gibson - Dip. Counselling, MA Psychotherapy, Dip. Psychotherapy
UKCP & mBACP Accredited Male Therapist, Counsellor & Psychotherapist 020 7916 1342

Online Counselling

Find online counsellor, ZOOM or Skype Counselling near me. What is remote counselling? What is ZOOM therapy? What is Skype psychotherapy? Is online theraapy helpful? What can use remote psychotherapy for? Is online counselling or remote counselling better than regular counselling? What the online counselling is best for? Is ZOOM counselling or Skype counselling really working? Please note that I use the words "online counselling", "online therapy", "online psychotherapy", "zoom counselling", "zoom therapy", "zoom psychotherapy", "skype counselling", "skype therapy", "skype psychotherapy", "remote therapy", "remote counselling", "remote psychotherapy" interchangeably. I am trained & accredited as an online counsellor, ZOOM counsellor, Skype counsellor, remote psychotherapist & online therapist and I am happy to discuss their differences with you.

Online Counselling, ZOOM Therapy, Skype Psychotherapy

Online counselling, ZOOM therapy, Skype psychotherapy

Counselling Online, Online Therapy For variety of reasons (e.g. location, no travel time or costs, virus, implications) some people prefer online therapy to the orthodoxy of in-person therapy in the consulting room. Counselling online (ZOOM psychotherapy, Skype therapy) in the familiarity of our own home, the office, outdoors, if in a private space, can be more convenient to us. Alongside Skype counselling, ZOOM counselling, other online counselling services may be available.

Benefits Of Online Counselling

  • Choosing our own place for therapy can shift our thinking, any stuckness, facilitate psychological processing
  • Offers us a different approach towards self-discovery
  • Less intimidating for some of us compared to in-person therapy in the consulting room
  • Can facilitate collaborative working
  • Can give us the experience of more equality in the therapeutic relationship, feel less confrontational, be more supportive
  • Can help us feel calm, engaged and supported
  • Can release us from any pressure to make direct eye contact, enabling us to free associate and process our emotions more effectively
  • We can feel more comfortable in our own chosen environment and this can stimulate, facilitate our intuition, being present in the moment
  • Can enable silences to be more comfortable
  • Can encourage deeper, reflective ways of thinking
  • Can improve our strategic thinking, creative thought processes
  • Can enable us to be more emotionally, expressive
  • Can benefit us if we tend to become hyper aroused, claustrophobic
  • Can enable us to be more expressive with our body language
  • Can enhance creativity and freedom to express ourselves differently than in the constraints of the consulting room
  • Can help us have an overall sense of well being
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Online Counselling As A Containing, Secure Base Similar to in-person therapy in the consulting room, one aim of online therapy is to provide a secure base and containment

As an individual, private practitioner I am unable to offer an emergency service, even by phone or online. The therapy offered is not a crisis service. Therefore, please be aware the therapy is not appropriate for people in emergencies or at risk to themselves or others.

If you need urgent help
Please contact emergency services on 999, visit your nearest Accident & Emergency department, or call 111 or visit For a range of information on how to access mental health services for free on the NHS click here. You can also contact your GP surgery and ask for an emergency appointment, or go straight to A&E at a hospital.

If in crisis or need to talk to someone
You can speak to Samaritans on 116 123 or visit (they are a 24 hour service) For those of us who prefer text there is a 24/7 free confidential text service for anyone in crisis text SHOUT to 85258. You can also contact TogetherAll who foster positive mental health, offering a safe, stigma free environment where people can work through what they are experiencing, using a combination of community and clinical support. You can also contact Mind on 0300 123 3393.

If feeling suicidal
If your life is in danger, or you have seriously harmed yourself, or feel like you are about to harm yourself, call 999 for an ambulance or go straight to A&E. Alongside speaking to Samaritans on 116 123 or visiting, you can contact Maytree respite centre at - 020 7263 7070. For suicide prevention there is an app, which provides a pocket suicide prevention resource with full of useful information and tools to help you stay safe in crisis - Staying Alive.

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