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Counselling Approach, Therapy Role, Philosophy & Style

Approach of Counselling London & Online I have an integrative counselling approach, meaning I acknowledge all aspects of us as human beings - our body, feelings, mind, sexuality, spirituality. Some people prefer a listening ear, gentle guidance, others prefer a more interactive style and direct approach, seeking tools. My counselling approach is to find out more about you & your perceptions, your patterns, triggers, imagination, creativity. My humanistic counselling approach includes exploring with you your intuitive sense of what's right at your core beyond fear. I will also be interested in your own experiences, principles & potential, less so your rationalisations. My holistic counselling approach includes offering new perspectives and other creative possibilities and includes:

Contacting The Counsellor in London Feel free to ring for an initial chat 020 7916 1342 or email me to arrange a meeting at my London counselling practice based in Camden, near Kings Cross. As well as in-person counselling I can offer Skype counselling, online counselling as another option.

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