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Role Of The Unconscious - "The Yet To Be Revealed"

Being Conscious & Unconscious An aspect of working together in the therapy process is to shed light upon what it's like to be us, including our unconscious patterns (e.g. of thinking, feeling, behaving), so they are conscious, exploring not just the thinking brain but the noticing brain. The unconscious aspects of us are more than our blind spots and includes the things we keep at the back of our mind and beyond that we are not in touch with, don't yet know (see also The Realm of the Unconscious). Our past and future potential live there. We can't know what we don't know and throughout life we shift states between being connected with ourself - conscious, and then not connected - unconscious, what lay beneath the surface (the roots of a tree may be much longer, deeper than the visible tree). Much of what we do is from unconscious forces. Things inside of us can be outside of our access, as if happening under our radar. Our unconscious points us towards things (see also Living To Our Full Potential). Counselling and psychotherapy can help to make sense of what might be unconscious in us (including our backstory), so we make connections. Some people experience consciousness like flipping a switch - from feeling cut off to being connected - alive, whereas others experience a more gradual process of being less on "auto-pilot" or in a dream-like state. Consciousness is as if we are aware of being ourself - who we are beyond personality, catching ourself with what we are doing and experiencing in some moments (including thinking, feeling, behaving), yet other times not, as if we are not fully awake, living on automatic. Consciousness can be viewed as our deep capacity to respond to stimulation. We tend to be more conscious of ourself and the world around us, when we make time to reflect and in times of change, at a turning point, or when we need to make important choices. Through crisis or when we, or a loved one, are seriously ill, or someone has died, can also be experienced as a wake-up call to consciousness - where we can sense our own existence (see also Reflective, Existential Concerns), separateness, preciousness of life and consciousness. Also, when we are left behind, singled out or feel in a minority, this too can trigger our sense of consciousness. Accompanying ourselves - noticing what we are noticing (as if looking on at ourself), we may want to explore comfortable ways to consciously live throughout our life's journey (or what some people call soul - consciousness). And it is our consciousness, which can be interpreted as our mind, awareness (see also Contemplation, Creating Space & Quiet Time, Taking Pauses - Self-Awareness, Observation & Self-Reflection, Including Journalling, Studying), soul that are agents towards healing. (Some of us, maybe through meditation, may become aware that we - our Self - are not the body, that we exist outside of the body as consciousness.) The counselling in London allows for these conscious and unconscious processes:

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