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Seeing a male counsellor, male therapist may be our preference Some of us may want to be the man we want to be yet don't feel this. Deep inside we may experience an archetypal restlessness, loneliness, grief or anger. On the outside we may appear tough, yet not so inside. We may struggle with how to be strong, defend ourself, stand firm as a man, step up to the plate when we need to, be powerful in our own authority, yet be flexible, open & nurturing without being rigid. Some of us may struggle with our emotions - being distant, withdrawn, stuck or lost in some way. We may find it hard to be in touch with what we need & get these needs met. We may put all our energy into work (focusing on providing, protecting and achieving, which we do well) or distract ourselves with unhelpful habits or addictions, yet something else may be missing in our life, as if we are longing for something else different. In our relationships we may struggle with emotional connection, communication & intimacy, sexual expression, fatherhood. The counselling for men may also explore other issues that affect us: