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Anger Management Counselling, Anger Management Sessions In London, Camden, Kings Cross Anger is a normal human emotion, and is our passion. For many of us, how we express anger may be a problem. Some of us may be passive aggressive, others keeping our anger in before exploding. We may be seeking anger management sessions because we now have an anger problem, which hasn't gone away and anger management therapy in London can be a space to explore ways to overcome anger or express it differently.

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Managing our anger problems, anger issues, dealing with anger, irritability, aggressive behaviour (or being passive aggressive), having a bad temper, flaring up can be addressed using various anger management techniques. Learning to contain our feelings at times may be important. Our anger problem, anger issues may go back a long way. We usually have a story to tell. The anger therapy therefore not only looks at our current situation, but also takes into consideration the impact of our past and includes where we would like to be, what stops us getting there so far. Taking into consideration the internal forces of the unconscious, we will also look at ways to become more aware of our anger problem, how to de-escalate our anger, so we are no longer at the mercy of our anger, irritability or frustration. We will look at how to put the handbrakes on, ways to go off on our own & take care of our own reactions, rather than dump our anger issues onto others and calming strategies, so we can be with our anger. Captive to our anger, sometimes it can be as if we are watching ourself doing it - being angry, controlling, blaming, criticising and hold onto the belief that we can't stop, as if we have no choice.

Anger Counselling & Anger Therapy explores how our ingrained anger doesn't serve us well, look good or feel good (whether it's the heat of our anger, we stew in it, brush it under the carpet, making everything toxic) affecting our head, heart and health. The anger counselling can support us in overcoming our anger problems (anger templates) and explores how we might also choose a different response or feeling, so we are less caught or attached to our anger, can nip it in the bud when we need to, be in control of it rather than anger controlling us, so we can choose to express it cleanly, defuse it, let it subside and control its energy. Just because we feel angry we don't have to become angry and the anger counselling can explore how we can also release it in responsible ways, regulate, process our anger by thinking about it and contain our anger when we need to, observe it as well appropriately express respectful anger. Being powerful, without abusing our power, may also be a challenge for us. Anger management techniques alone may not be enough for us, without understanding where our anger is from and what it means for us. Anger management courses and anger management classes are available elsewhere for those who prefer to work with their anger issues or anger problems in a larger group. Counselling for anger issues may also explore what else may be going on for us around anger:

Contacting The Anger Management Counsellor in London Feel free to ring for an initial chat 020 7916 1342 or email me to arrange a meeting at my London counselling practice based in Camden, near Kings Cross. As well as in-person counselling I can offer Skype counselling, online counselling as another option.

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