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Counselling For Motivation In London, Camden, Kings Cross The motivational counselling initially explores our stumbling blocks, obstacles, resistances & reluctances to self-motivate including the part of us in resistance. What we do with our will, intention & desire, what matters, motivates, inspires us, what mobilises us into action and what doesn't, can be explored in counselling for motivation (see also Procrastination Counselling, Indecisiveness & Lateness). Motivational therapy can also explore how free our will is. It may also help to get to know what energises us, gives us willpower, what works for us - whether we best respond by building momentum, doing easy tasks first and building up to the difficult ones or starting with the difficult tasks first to get them out of the way. Repeating things helps us remember and through implicitly repeating things - thoughts, feelings, actions until they become familiar, easy, automatic and routine, this can become naturally effortless as they can become second nature (unconsciously after a while). Counselling for motivation in London can be a space to explore what else may be going on for us:

Contacting The Counsellor in London Feel free to ring for an initial chat 020 7916 1342 or email me to arrange a meeting at my London counselling practice based in Camden, near Kings Cross. As well as in-person counselling I can offer Skype counselling, online counselling as another option.

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