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Burnout Counselling, Work Stress Counselling London Burnout is now recognised by the WHO as a medical diagnosis - a syndrome often resulting from chronic workplace stress. Burnout can be defined as the impact of what we do exceeding our physical, emotional, psychological capacity. Things may have crept up on us without realising. (Others may have hit a crisis, as if from nowhere.) By now we may want to heal our burnout, work stress. Burnout can be experienced as extreme exhaustion, a mental distance or negativity towards our work and decreased productivity. Inside we may not feel good enough. (Aspects of our burnout can come from unusual quarters, e.g. carrying shame, and shame often precedes burnout.) We may be very conscientious. Our work can be pressurising at times, yet no one can make us feel pressured without our permission and it can be a real challenge to take responsibility for the pressure we feel, especially for those who are highly sensitive. (Stress, fear, anxiety may be a huge driver for others.) We may struggle with balancing pressure and stress. Some of us may be experiencing compassion fatigue, others become enslaved to technology, unable to switch off our devices, allowing our work to creep in to our downtime. Keeping busy with distractions we may struggle to see the wood from the trees, say "No" or have good time management systems in place. Our productivity, creativity may have reduced, we may have developed cynicism towards our customers or employer or have become less aware of risk - putting us and others in danger. Not very self-assured, continuously worrying about work (maybe wondering if we are in the right career) may also affect our sleep, body (especially if we treat our body like a machine). Stress at work, ill health & burnout especially for those of us who are highly sensitive, who push ourselves through things, feel overloaded can result in "adrenal fatigue", "adrenal exhaustion" and "adrenal burnout". Some may be work-obsessed, and unable to switch off from work as a distraction from the rest of our life as if to compensate for other things, which we now be willing to address. Understanding our strengths and vulnerabilities, having kindness and self-compassion can support us, so we look after our wellbeing (and any ADHD if we need to). The work stress counselling for burnout addresses the transitions towards recovery, what our options are, the decisions we make, so we recover from burnout, heal, and live a healthier, balanced life. Our work stress or burn-out may manifest as:

Work-Life Balance, Work Addiction Counselling in London Work-life balance or work-life integration may be a concern for some. We may enjoy our work, be very work driven and spend a lot of time working. (Achievements at work, providing, protecting can be especially important for men.) However, for some of us we may bury our head in the sand about other aspects of our life, our interests, relationships. Delving into work to keep everything else out, we or others may half joke we are a workaholic or have a work addiction and pay a huge price for overworking. The counselling for workaholism in London can support us so we can look after our overall wellbeing, live a more balanced life. The counselling for burnout, work stress counselling, work addiction, work-life balance can also be a space to explore what else may be going on for us, so we take charge of our whole balanced life:

Contacting The Work Stress Counsellor, Burnout Counsellor in London Feel free to ring for an initial chat 020 7916 1342 or email me to arrange a meeting at my London counselling practice based in Camden, near Kings Cross. As well as in-person counselling in London I can offer Skype counselling, online counselling as another option.

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