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Loneliness Counselling - Lonely, Alone in London & Online

Counselling For Loneliness In London Overcoming loneliness may concern us. Yet we've all felt lonely, alone at times. And all of us face challenges about how we connect, disconnect, reconnect. We may have our own dependency, independency issues, struggle with how to be separate yet part of something. We all need to belong and share with others yet being lonely in a crowd may be familiar to us. Others may experience a type of existential loneliness. Some of us may struggle to differentiate between aloneness & loneliness. We may experience pangs of loneliness or a constant experience of loneliness, emptiness. We may unhelpfully judge ourselves for being lonely, which compounds our loneliness. We may fear or be uncomfortable being alone, our solitude. Making space for ourself, connecting to our core, being comfortable, centred & grounded in our own body, shifting our awareness may be important. The counselling for loneliness in London, Camden, Kings Cross can consider these further with you:

Contacting The Counsellor in London Feel free to ring for an initial chat 020 7916 1342 or email me to arrange a meeting at my London counselling practice based in Camden, near Kings Cross. As well as in-person counselling I can offer Skype counselling, online counselling as another option.

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