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Why People Seek Counselling & Psychotherapy In London & Online

Why People Seek Counselling In London People may seek counselling & psychotherapy for a variety of reasons. We may want to deal with a specific issue, get to know ourself more, be less confused, make sense of something, have peace of mind, seek change, come to terms with an aspect of ourself, seek deeper meaning, life purpose. The therapy supports us in this process and simply being heard.

Different People Seek Therapy For Different Reasons Being seen, heard, better understood from someone independent without a vested interest may be important for us, alongside needing some sort of external reality check, and to address certain issues, find solutions, receive feedback. Maybe at a turning point in life, or following a recent wake-up call, we may seek counselling in London to address a disconnect between who we are and who we want to be. We may have a current, ongoing problem, maybe going through some rocky moments and be seeking guidance, different perspectives or structures - ones which work for us in life, alongside wanting a stronger sense of inner safety, self-trust, self-worth. We may want to resolve or transcend conflicts in our life. Others may want to feel more secure in ourself, internally calm with peace of mind (especially if we scare ourselves or have obsessive thoughts). We may be seeking ways to overcome a particular phase in our life or want to find out what's going on for us, piece some things together, make sense of things, maybe process, express, offload, say what's on our mind, utilising therapy as a sounding board. Muddling through or running away from things may no longer be enough. Troubled, things may have been gnawing away at us for long enough, can no longer be brushed under the carpet and we may no longer want to push away things that we'd rather not want to think about (maybe some of our demons, shadow side), which we want to address. Maybe at a crossroads in life we may be torn by a dilemma, struggle to choose, make a decision, or have a familiar problem that holds us back, weighs us down, which can't be unburdened, patched up or where "getting on with it" is not enough. We may have tried things and want to move on, yet nothing works, and we end up back in a similar place. Functioning well on the surface, we may fit in, yet not feel part of things or fully involved, be unhappy, disconnected, alienated or lonely inside, discontented or unfulfilled, and therefore be seeking therapy to explore under the surface what's happening for us. Going through the motions, something might be missing or stirring, and we may struggle to put our finger on what it is. Some themes people seek therapy include the need to face certain challenges, maybe gaining various tools to overcome obstacles in our life, find our way forward, be strong in our self, journeying to a better place in our life, feel better about ourself, maybe become more resilient. We may be experiencing a challenging period of our life, be going through a difficult time, turmoil, point of crisis, or seek a reset in our life. We may come across some familiar cycles, ingrained, entrenched patterns, stumbling blocks, which don't seem to go away or continue to consume us, as if things may go round in a loop. We may wonder why we do what we do, want to overcome, manage challenges in healthy or better ways. We may have let some things slide, and they may have come to a head or something may not be working, and we may want to understand ourself more (maybe why we are the way we are), our feelings, emotions, be more comfortable in our own skin, especially if we feel overwhelmed by feelings or thoughts. Wondering what we want, who we really are, unsettled or uncomfortable, we may be in the grip of powerful feelings or thoughts (some of which may seem irrational) and want to utilise the therapy to understand, overcome them. Others may seek counselling for mood swings and to navigate our way better through life in one way or another. We may experience a suffering inside, which needs to be aired, shared. Others may want to be more loving, emotionally different. Some of us may have closed-off, boxed-off our feelings and seek counselling to overcome this. Something may be holding us back - maybe to be open emotionally (or to know when to contain our feelings, so they don't spill out). We may seek therapy to talk about difficult things, invest in ourself, utilise the therapy to grow. Something may be holding us back and we may feel a little lost, stuck and be seeking a life compass, to get us back on track, in the way we need, so we can take time to gather our thoughts, be in a better headspace. We may want change, to transform our life, evolve as a person, yet fear it. The therapy can be a space to reflect, explore how we think, clarify strengthen our thoughts, beliefs (especially if we don't feel good enough, or like an impostor. We may question or want a better grasp of who we are, understand who we are, what we are doing, where we are going, which may be more of an existential nature). Wanting to make room for what matters in our life, we may be seeking new directions, purpose in our life. Inside it may be as if we are living half a life, longing or yearning for something (maybe connecting to something more meaningful in our life).

Contacting The Counsellor in London Feel free to ring for an initial chat 020 7916 1342 or email me to arrange a meeting at my London counselling practice based in Camden, near Kings Cross. As well as in-person counselling I can offer Skype counselling, online counselling as another option.

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