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Religious Obsession & Religion Addiction

Religious Obsession, Addiction Counselling London Our religion can give us solace and many of us experience religion as enriching our life, giving us a structure, putting faith in God, unconditional love, holding hope. However some may have a sense of righteousness, thinking in extremes or flee towards spiritual enlightenment at the cost of nurturing, loving relationships. We may have started to disrespect others' and our own humanity, where what's happening much closer to in our life may have been ignored. Pointing to a religion addiction, we may have become so devoted or dependent on our religion that we sacrifice or devalue our family, friends, even our own physical, mental health. We may have lost faith in who we really are along the way, where our own personality, vitality & sexuality may also have been lost. By now some of us may be addicted to religion. We may want to flourish in a fully rounded life within our religious practice and the religious obsession counselling can support us with this, so we can take charge, balance and get control back of our fully rounded life.

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