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Relationship Communication, conflict Communication may not be as we would like in our relationship or marriage and we may want to change the way we communicate. Before we address communicating as a couple, we may firstly need to look how we communicate with ourselves - our attitude, intentions & emotions, be in touch with what is going on for us. We may also want to consider the impact of what we say or don't say, how clear we are, expressing what we need, whether we withhold, share all our thoughts or make everything about us. Patterns of unhelpful relating may have developed in our relationship, marriage - there may be communication blocks or a communication impasse. Listening to our partner, considering their point of view, making emotional connections, appreciating them may be important. How we manage compromise and respond to conflict may be a concern for some and we may have fixed ways of responding, which are no longer helpful. The therapy may explore what else is happening inside of us - the meanings we make of conflicts, disagreements, and whether we try to persuade our partner that we are right. The relationship counselling & marriage counselling in London can be a space to explore these issues further. My desktop website about relationship counselling London for relationship communication and conflict includes the following areas:

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