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Impact Of Our Past - Counselling London

Influences That Shape Our Life Most of us revisit the past and it could be a good thing to revisit our memories, keeping them alive. Yet our past does not define us - we are not the product of our past, can't change it and we can't create a new future holding onto the emotions of our past. Focusing on the past, any suffering because we get stuck in it may stop us taking responsibility for the present, being with where we are now. The past cannot be wiped out, yet our relationship to it shifts as we no longer resist it, but embrace it, explore what we need to, expand our awareness. Our past contributed towards our upbringing yet it is not causal to who we truly are - our individual characteristics and our very being, our essence, deepest sense of our core self, or our future potential. However, we are shaped by the impact of our past through early bonding patterns, family interactions, dynamics, past events, experiences, expectations, roles, interpretations and comments made about us, alongside significant milestones, turning points, crisis. These aspects don't rule us exclusively, yet play an important part, some of them unconsciously. We may have some unhelpful memories and dwell on the past. If we keep revisiting the past, living in the past, it can shape not only our current thoughts and feelings but also our future (see also Therapy Approach - Working With You, Viewing Issues Also As Symptoms With A Backstory & Story Going Forward). We experience an emotionally successful adult life when we imaginatively reflect with compassion on what happened to us when younger, so we don't have to remain captured by our past, are now able to be fully aware of the effects of our past and liberate ourself from our history, emotionally evolve, make positive changes. Reconciling healing our past and any traumas, making peace with it, learning what we need to learn, may be important, yet the past is always past and we are now in the present moment, also able to experience our awakening, unfolding Self now, taking actions which impact on our future life. Exploring, releasing the impact of our past may include:

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