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Psychotherapy in London, Camden, Kings Cross Some of us may seek psychotherapy to talk about our struggles, dilemmas, what's happening in our life, to seek clarity or peace of mind. The therapy may also be helpful as a sounding board, so you can be heard and listened to, unburden, be understood, receive feedback, make sense of things or heal what you need to heal. The psychotherapy not only considers what's happening now in our life, but also the impact of our past & how we can live our life to our full potential. We may seek psychotherapy in London, Camden, Kings Cross for a variety of issues.

The psychotherapy in London offers a secure, confidential space to discuss what's currently happening for you, any challenges and obstacles. Besides the issues you bring, the psychotherapy may also include looking at what else really matters to you, what you want and what prohibits you, so far. Psychotherapy offers an external perspective, to gain a deeper understanding of you, and can offer guidance in overcoming any difficulties. Psychotherapy also explores aspects of you, which may have been overlooked or have been hard to articulate, alongside any existential concerns. In the psychotherapy you may want to address in depth your core issues, the causes, not only the symptoms but also what all this means for you. (See also Aims & Benefits Of Counselling & Psychotherapy London)

Initially my role as a psychotherapist is to hear why you have come, get to know and understand you - what it feels like to be you. I tend to ask lots of questions, finding out about you, your issues, any setbacks, relevant history and future aspirations, any underlying issues, so I can be clearer how psychotherapy can help navigate through any difficulties.

I respect, value and welcome each person's diversity, uniqueness, autonomy and respond individually to your own circumstances. Yet, I also acknowledge people's similarities, shared experiences and connectedness, what all human beings have in common - our creativity, suffering and significance of the human heart. As a psychotherapist I am experienced in working with old and young, both men and women, whatever our skin colour, people of many cultures and nationalities (see also Being In London), whatever religious or spiritual beliefs, atheist and agnostic (see also Evolving Consciousness - The Meanings We Make), who are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, whatever our sexuality. In my psychotherapy experience being at ease and in a collaborative relationship with the psychotherapist is what clients value most.

My Psychotherapy Approach is both human and professional. In my psychotherapy practice based in London I work at your own pace and aim to be supportive and affirming without using jargon. I bring my experience, reliability, understanding, insightfulness and sensitivity, alongside my creativity, warmth and humour. I passionately believe in self-determination and responsibility. In the psychotherapy I have an impartial view and utilise my knowledge and intuition. My psychotherapy approach is not only about reducing symptoms, but also includes exploration of your unrealised possibilities and creative potential. In the psychotherapy I will be interested not only about your experiences, but also how you respond to them. I acknowledge each person's humanity, including our strengths and resources, yet also our vulnerability and limitations. (See also Integrative Counselling Approach, Philosophy & Therapy Style Of Practice)

Working Together With You In The Psychotherapy I have an affirming psychotherapy approach, to help you to make choices that enhance rather than restrict you. Some people prefer a cognitive or technical approach to psychotherapy. Others value a relational, interpersonal style of psychotherapy, which allows issues to emerge. Receiving feedback, gentle guidance or reassurance may help for some people, whereas others may prefer a more challenging psychotherapy style.

Experience In Psychotherapy I am a male psychotherapist and counsellor based in central London, Camden Town, close to Kings Cross. My interest in psychotherapy developed in 1982. I was drawn to it because it was described as a psychology of the soul. In my Camden, central London psychotherapy practice I bring together over 40 years' experience of working with people as a psychotherapist, both in the voluntary sector and privately. I have realised that deep and lasting change is possible at any stage.

My Continuous Professional Development In Psychotherapy Through ongoing professional psychotherapy training, I keep informed of developments and increase my knowledge in the sphere of psychotherapy. This is integral in my London psychotherapy practice, based in Camden, Kings Cross.

Psychotherapy Training & Qualifications I have completed 5 years in-depth, both academic and experiential, practical training in psychosynthesis psychotherapy and psychotherapy at The Institute of Psychosynthesis in London validated by The Middlesex University in London, I have the following qualifications:

Psychotherapist Accreditation As a fully qualified psychotherapist and counsellor I adhere to the psychotherapy codes of practice and ethics and hold registration with the main UK counselling and psychotherapy professional and regulatory bodies, namely:

Location My London psychotherapy practice is based in central London, Camden Town (find a local Camden map here) and can be easily accessed from Kings Cross, St. Pancras and Euston (West End, London W1, WC1 and WC2), Hampstead and Belsize Park (London NW3), Kentish Town (London NW5), Islington (London N1), Westminster and City of London (WC and EC).

Public Transport My London psychotherapy practice has a range of easily accessible and frequent rail services, London Underground, bus services to and from Central London, Camden, Kings Cross. The closest London Underground is Camden Town Tube on the Northern Line (see Transport For London). The local London National Rail Stations are nearby, including: Camden Road, King's Cross, St Pancras and Euston rail stations (visit National Rail) are situated in the London Borough of Camden.

Parking At The Psychotherapy London Practice Meter parking is available adjacent to my psychotherapy practice in Camden, near Kings Cross in Central London.

Contacting The Psychotherapist in London Feel free to ring for an initial chat 020 7916 1342 or email me to arrange a meeting at my London psychotherapy practice based in Camden, near Kings Cross. As well as in-person psychotherapy I can offer Skype psychotherapy, online psychotherapy as another option.

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