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Sexual Fulfilment Our sexuality encapsulates in miniature the characteristics of our personality and this is taken into consideration in the sex therapy. Whether single or part of a heterosexual or same sex couple, attracted to more than one gender, we may have certain sexual dilemmas, challenges, want to express our sexual selves differently (and no one has the right to sex, even in a long term relationship, marriage or civil partnership) - see also Sexual Preferences, Differences Between Us & Our Partner. In how we sexually connect, there may be sexual differences between us and our partner. Our own sexuality (and our partner's) can be enigmatic and understandably open us up to vulnerability or a deep longing, searching. (Sexuality in the relationship, marriage, can sometimes be a barometer for what else is happening in the relationship.) The physical and psychological response to our underlying feelings, including those about our relationship, can have an impact on our sexual expression. When we are sexually dissatisfied, this may also point to the possibility of relationship dissatisfaction or differences in sexual energy and how we are when we mix our sexual energy with our partner's - together yet separate. Men and women may seek sexual counselling and psychotherapy for numerous reasons. We may experience certain sexual difficulties (compounded if stressed). One or both of us may have sexually closed down. We may feel ill at ease with sex, have certain taboos, fear having sex, feel afraid, ashamed, so we tense up in our body, which prevents us relaxing, letting others in or letting go of the physical tensions in our body and we may sexually withdraw. The sex therapy can be a space to explore what sex means for us, our expectations, attitudes, beliefs & thoughts. (Some may also seek counselling for sex addiction, porn addiction.) What we do with our urges, desire, sexual passion, imagination, fantasies, affection, intimacy needs & love may also be explored in the sex counselling. Our sexual concerns, challenges, experiences we long for, may include:

Contacting The Sex Counsellor in London Feel free to ring for an initial chat 020 7916 1342 or email me to arrange a meeting at my London counselling practice based in Camden, near Kings Cross. As well as in-person counselling I can offer Skype counselling, online counselling as another option.

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